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Currahee Vineyards

Black Diamond:  A Collaborative Labor of Love 

 A delicious and eye catching result of Currahee's owner, Marvin Dunson and Wine Diamond Art's creator, Brad Perkins.  An exclusive batch of 1,000 bottles and photos, both signed and numbered , were made for your enjoyment and collection.   The photo on the label was taken from a sample of Black Diamond wine.  

 This is Currahee's first dessert style wine to be released.  A medium to full bodied ruby red/purple wine with exuberant aromas of blackberry.  On the palate intense blackberry flavors introduce a muscadine background.
The natural tartness of blackberries with clean acidity crafts a mouthwatering tasting experience. Try this wine lightly chilled in small tulip-shaped glasses after dinner with creamy, mild goat cheese or a dark chocolate treat. 

Photographer Brad Perkins has developed and perfected a technique to photograph the taste of fine wines.  Wine contains many molecular components that greatly affect its color and taste.  Although these elements are imperceptible to the naked eye, they can be visualized with the use of sophisticated scientific methods.  Fine wines contain microscopic crystals that trigger the senses and when viewed and photographed , allow us to view these magical images.   

The Black Diamond Set, in a decorative box, is available at Currahee for tasting and is also available for purchase on this website - GA residents only.

Photogallery rendered here.